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The official terms of use and game rules of the “Easter egg hunt” game of Rapcity Hungary Kft.

1. Organizers of the game
The “Easter egg hunt” promotion (hereinafter referred to as “Game”) is organized by Rapcity Hungary Kft. (Representative: Dániel Buza CEO, Address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész u. 24-28., E-mail:info@rapcity.eu, Company registration number: 07-09-011981).

2. Terms of participating in the Game
2.1. Any able-bodied person who has a residence in EU (AT,SO, SK, HR, DE, PL, BG, BE, NL, LU, IT, FR, ES, PR) and is a natural person not belonging to groups defined in point 2.4 (hereinafter referred to as “Player”) and 2.1.1 finds a code on the Rapcity.eu website during the timeframe defined in point 4 may participate in the Game. The code appears in a pop-up window.
2.1.2 The Player shall electronically register on the website found on www.rapcity.eu (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) via the registration menu and provide these pieces of valid information: last name, first name, date of birth/year, day, month/, e-mail address (“Registration”).
2.1.3. By ticking the appropriate field during Registration the Player shall accept all terms and conditions in the Terms of participation (“Game Rules”), Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and consent to handling their data in accordance with these Game Rules and the Cookie Policy.
2.1.4. The Player must successfully fill in the pop-up code into the coupon code field in the shopping cart section of the purchasing process.
2.2. Neither the Organizers, nor the organizations, agencies, their owners, managers, direct or otherwise legally connected employees, as well as their relatives defined in the Civil Code 8:1. § (1) Section 2 may participate in the Game, neither directly or indirectly.
2.3. One Player may use a single coupon code per purchase but can use numerous codes during the timeframe of the Game, but cannot combine them with other discounts.
2.4. The Player shall take care not to use an adblocker and to provide valid information during Registration, since should the provided data subsequently prove to be incorrect, all the consequences will be borne by the Player as data provider. The Organizers shall not be liable for any false information provided by the Player.
Neither the Organizers, nor the Operator accept any responsibility for omissions/errors during Registration (i.e. typo in the e-mail address or any numbers, providing false or incorrect information etc.) and are not obliged to hand over the prizes in these cases.

3. Products participating in the Game are products distributed by Rapcity Hungary Kft.

4. The timeframe of the Game
The Game lasts from CEST 00:00 04/02/2021 to 23:59 04/04/2021.

The course of the Game
4.1. Winning coupons
4.1.1. The Organizers hide coupon codes prior to the start of the Game at products or subsites found on the website. These coupon codes are presented as pop-up windows to the Player.
During the entire timeframe of the Game the website will house 171 (one hundred and seventy-one) winning coupon codes for the prizes defined in point 5.
4.1.2. The prizes may be won by Players who fit every term found in the Game Rules, open the pre-determined product and use the code during the timeframe of the Game.
4.1.3. Each coupon appears after 1 second of opening the product or subsite. Every Player has 1 chance to view and copy the coupon code.
4.1.4. The Organizer does not validate any unused coupon codes.
4.1.5. The Organizer does not add any unused code manually after the Player already placed their order.
5. The Prizes of the Game: The prize description is detailed in Annex II.
5.2. Receiving the prizes: They arrive along with the purchased product(s), shipped to the given address in accordance with the current Government decrees.

6. Information about the Game
Information about the game can be found on the www.rapcity.eu website, information may also be requested from the info@rapcity.eu e-mail address. The official Rules of the game can be found on the www.rapcity.eu website, the Organizer regards this as primary communication above other sources.

7. Personal income tax
Any possible personal income tax and contribution related to the Prizes shall be borne by the Organizers. The Organizers have no obligations other than delivering the Prizes and settling the related taxes.

8. Miscellaneous provisions
8.1. The Organizers, the management of Rapcity Hungary Kft. and its employees exclude their liability for any potential faults or omissions related to the Prizes, unless the exclusion of liability is explicitly forbidden by Hungarian law. The winning Player may exercise their potential guarantee request regarding the prize within the legal framework.
8.2. The Organizers do not hand out other prizes than those listed in point 5 of these Game Rules, and only hand out as many at a maximum as indicated therein.
8.3. By participating in the Game the Player acknowledges that the performance, message and data transfer speeds as well as response time of the Website depends on the underlying technology, which can be negatively impacted by factors outside the Organizers’ scope such as (but not limited to) connection errors, the performance of server computers, as well as maintaining a secure network connection. The Organizers exclude any liability arising from this paragraph.
8.4. Neither the Organizers, nor the Operator accept any responsibility for omissions/errors during Registration/Application (i.e. typo in the name, address, providing false or incorrect information etc.) and are not obliged to hand over the prizes in these cases.
8.5. The Organizers may exclude Players from the Game who do not conform with the conditions found in the Game Rules until handing over the Prizes. The Organizers reserve the right to exclude any Player from current and future games who is proven to have attempted to gain advantage by hacking the website of the Game, using bots or spam software, or any other fraudulent method.
8.6. The Prizes shall not be transferred, exchanged for cash or other discounts, neither may they be traded or resold in any way.
8.7. The Organizer excludes liability for any external so-called SQL attacks or technical failures related to the Website and the corresponding server. This means that if the Players receive incorrect system messages as a consequence of attacks against the Website, server or network or any other technical error, the Organizer does not take responsibility if they cannot receive their Prize.
8.8. The Organizer excludes any liability for any technical failures regarding the Website for reasons beyond their control for the timeframe while it cannot be used or only in a limited form, however, they immediately take all necessary measures to identify and eliminate the cause of the failure.
8.9. The law governing the current Game and Game Rules is the applicable Hungarian law. 8.13. The Organizers reserve the right to change these Rules at any time.

8.10. The Organizers reserve the right to, should the suspicion of fraud arise regarding any Player, request information from the Player to examine the situation, as well as suspend the participation of the Player and handing over their prize for the time of the examination. Players who contrarily to the spirit of the Game gather under the name of a single natural person and take part in the Game as a team to raise their chances of winning with this fraudulent method can be excluded at the discretion of the Organizers. Such Players are those who for example form a group under a single registration for sweepstakes and other games to coordinate their actions in order to win the prizes themselves and deprive other Players who wish to fairly participate of their chances to win. Participants or Players engaging in unfair practices as defined in this section shall reimburse any damages caused in the framework of the Game to the Organizers and/or Operator.

8.11. Any unavoidable external event that cannot be foreseen by the Organizers and cannot be affected by them which significantly hinders the fulfilment of these Game Rules shall be considered Force Majeure (i.e. natural disaster, fire, explosion, flood, strike, pandemic etc.).

Budapest, 03/26/2021

Annexes: Annex I: Prize description
Annex II: Promotion Privacy Policy
Annex III: General Privacy Policy https://www.rapcity.eu/Privacy-Statement-jadat.html

Description and terms of use of the prizes:

Aroma gift (25 pcs)
Crep Protect spray gift (20 pcs)
Crep Protect wipes gift (25 pcs)
10% discount on total price (25 pcs)
20% discount on total price (20 pcs)
30% discount on total price (10 pcs)
170  EUR  Rapcity.eu voucher - 1 pc
30 EUR Rapcity.eu voucher - 20 pcs
15 EUR Rapcity.eu voucher - 25 pcs