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Terms and Conditions

Rights and obligations

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as: T&C) contain the rights and obligations of Rapcity Hungary Kereskedelmi Szolgáltató Kft (hereinafter referred to as: Provider), and the Client using the electronic retail services offered by the Provider on the www.rapcity.eu website (hereinafter referred to as: Client). (Provider and Client together are hereinafter referred to as: Parties). The T&C apply to every legal process and service used through the www.rapcity.eu website, regardless whether they are performed from Hungary or abroad, or through the Provider or one of their affiliates.


Name: Rapcity Hungary Kft
Registered seat: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Becskereki utca 16.
Postal address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 24-28.
Customer service: see point 1.7
Phone: +36 1 443 3023
E-mail address:  info@rapcity.eu
Company registration number: 07-09-011981
Registering court: Fejér County Court as company register
Tax number:HU13676582

Registered seat of the hosting company:

Operator: Visionsoft Üzleti Megoldások Kft.
Registered seat: 1149 Budapest, Pósa Lajos utca 51.
Contact: (36-1) 412-2870 info@visionsoft.hu
1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to every electronic retail service performed within Hungary on the www.rapcoty.eu website’s (hereinafter referred to as: Website) webshop (hereinafter referred to as: Rapcity Online store). These Terms and Conditions furthermore apply to every retail deal within Hungary that is established between the Parties defined in this Contract. Purchases from the Rapcity.eu webshop are governed by Act CVIII of 2001 on the electronic retail services and certain issues related to information society (“Elkertv.”).

1.2. Purchases made on the Rapcity.eu website are possible via electronic order, in the form defined in these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. The majority of the Rapcity.eu webshop services are accessible for every user, even without registration. Some services, however, require registration (and subsequent login), for which everyone is eligible in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Following order placement the contract can be freely modified or cancelled without consequence. This may be performed via phone or e-mail. The English contract established between Parties with the purchase of the product serves as a written contract, the Provider files it and stores it for 5 years, it can be accessed after signing.

1.5. The language of the contract is English.

1.6. The Provider is not subject to the provisions of any code of conduct.

1.7. Customer Service: Rapcity Hungary Kft.
Customer service office address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 24-28.
No personal customer service can be performed at the customer service1s address. The Client can only contact Customer Support via e-mail or telephone.

Customer service can be called via phone: Our business hours, available on the page below:

Monday-Friday: 9.30 - 18.00
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Phone: +36 1 443 3023

Internet address: www.rapcity.eu

E-mail:  info@rapcity.eu

2.1. Registration is performed by filling in the form found under the Register menu on the main page. A real e-mail address, password, and billing information (name, address, phone number) are also required. These can be freely modified prior to placing any orders. With their registration the Client that they have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy available on our Website.

2.2. The Provider is not responsible for any delay in shipping caused by information falsely and/or imprecisely provided by the Client. The Provider is not responsible for any damages caused by the Client forgetting their password, or the password being accessed by unauthorized parties due to reasons not attributed to the Provider. The Provider treats each registration as belonging to a separate person. Changing previously recorded information can be performed after logging in by clicking on the “Modifying personal information” menu, which handles the information of active orders as well. The Provider is not responsible for any damages or errors caused due to changes made in the registered data by the Client.


2.3.1. The Client may request the deletion of their registration through an e-mail sent to our customer service. After receiving the request the Provider must immediately conduct the deletion of the registration. After deletion the user data of the Client is immediately deleted from the system; this, however, does not affect the storage of information and documents in connection with already placed orders, it does not result in their deletion. Data cannot be restored after removal.

2.3.2. Keeping access credentials (especially the password) secret is the exclusive responsibility of the Client. If the Client suspects that a third party may have had access to their password used during registration, they must immediately change their password; if they suspect that the third party may abuse their access in any way, the Client shall notify the Provider at the same time.

2.3.3. The Client undertakes the task to update personal information of necessary to keep them up-to-date, complete, and truthful.

3.1. Relevant properties and characteristics, as well as instructions of use for the available products can be viewed on the information page of the given product; detailed properties are contained in the instruction manual attached to the product. The Provider fulfills their contractual obligations if the Product has better, more advanced characteristics than the information in the instruction manual would indicate. Should you have any questions regarding the product prior to purchase, our customer service is always happy to help. We attach the instruction manual of our distributed products - where legal regulations prescribe. Should you not receive the instruction manual along with the product, contact our customer service immediately - before using the product -, and we will send a replacement. Should you require more information than what is provided on the Website regarding the quality, basic characteristics, use, usability of any of the products on our website, please contact our customer service, the contact information of which you can find in point 1.7 of this document.

3.2. The price is always the amount indicated next to the product; unless otherwise stated, it already includes value added tax. The price of the product does not cover the cost of shipping.

3.3. The Provider reserves the right to change the prices of products ordered from the Website, taking effect at the time of appearance on the website. The change does not affect the price of already ordered products. When initiating online credit card payments we cannot pay refunds in case of price drops happening between the electronic payment notification and the takeover of the product. The safety check of online payment transactions takes a minimum of 24 hours, the product can only be handed over subsequently.

3.4. If despite the Provider’s greatest care an incorrect price gets displayed on the Website, especially obviously false prices, e.g. hugely different prices from the usually known price, or “0” or “1” euro prices displayed due to system error, the Provider is not bound to ship the product at the incorrect price, but may offer shipping at the correct price, based on which the Client may cancel their order.

3.5. The Provider only accepts offers through their Website from registered Clients and only if the Client fills in all necessary fields for the order. (If the client fails to fill in a field or only partially does so, they will receive an error message from the Provider.) The Provider is not responsible for any delay in shipping caused by order information falsely and/or imprecisely provided by the Client.

Placing an order can be achieved by logging in after registration, then using the Cart. The Client can place the chosen product by using the “Add to cart” button after clicking on the given product, on the page containing detailed information. You may view or modify the contents of your Cart after clicking on the cart icon on the right side of the Website, where you can add the requested amount of each of the products, or delete the contents of the cart (“Empty cart”). The Provider undertakes to reserve the Product for 15 minutes after an item has been placed into the Client’s cart. This is the timeframe available to finalize the order. When the Client has finalized the contents of the Cart, they must log in to the Website or register by clicking on the “Next step” button to place the order. The Client can subsequently choose from the available shipping and payment methods, as well as enter billing and shipping information. Once You give every necessary information and chose the takeover method, prior to submitting the order you can review the order data, modify the shipping and billing address, choose the payment and shipping method, or add a comment to your order by using the “Next step” button.

Submitting the order, sending the offer is performed after You click on the “Close order” button. Closing the order is thus achieved by clicking on the “Close order” button, which may create payment obligations for the Client.

3.6. The price of products listed on our website is displayed containing value added tax and other taxes (gross price).

The price indicated next to the product does not cover the cost of shipping. We do not feature separate packaging fees, however.

Product prices are indicated in euros (€).

3.7. In the first week following the introduction of our shoes we have a 1/CUSTOMER policy, ordering prohibited amounts results in the DELETION of the entire order and all pairs. We transfer the price of items purchased via credit card back to You.

3.8. Items contained in the RAFFLE are not subject to customer discounts or other special offers.

4.1. The Client may correct data entry errors at any point of the order and prior to submitting the order to the Provider on the order surface (e.g. by clicking on the “Delete from cart” button). If the Client fails to finalize their order, their cart will automatically empty after 15 minutes.

5.1. After the arrival of the offer (order) sent by the Client the Provider confirms the receipt without delay via automatic confirmation e-mail within 48 hours to the Client, which e-mail contains the information given by the Client during shopping and registration (e.g. billing and shipping information), the order number, the date of the order, the list of elements belonging to the ordered Product, their amount, the cost, the shipping fee, and the total amount to be paid. This confirmation e-mail merely informs the Client that their order has arrived to the Provider.

5.2. This confirmation e-mail is regarded as acceptance on part of the Provider of the offer made by the Client, establishing a valid contract between the Provider and the Client.

5.3. The Client is free from the order obligation if they do not receive the confirmation e-mail without delay but at least within 48 hours from the Provider concerning their sent order.

5.4. If the Client already sent the order to the Provider and notices an error within the information contained in the confirmation e-mail, they shall notify the Provider within 1 day, or they may notify the Provider when the latter contacts the Provider on the phone to avoid delivering unwanted orders.

5.5. The order is considered an electronically signed contract, to which Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2001 on the electronic retail services and certain issues related to information society apply. The contract falls under Government decree 45/2014 (II.26.) om the detailed rules of contracts between a consumer and a company, and takes European Parliament and Commission directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights into account.

6.1. The Provider ships the ordered and requested item with the help of a courier company. Shipping fees may differ depending on the country. The current price list can be found in the Shipping information menu. The Provider does not perform shipping under EUR 15 cart value in any case. If the Client’s order fails to reach the above price, the Website does not offer the shipping function. If the Client informs the Provider when placing the second order and the Provider’s feedback confirms the availability two orders can be redacted into one, but there is no way to retroactively redact orders that had already been sent. The Provider reserves the right to change the shipping fee, taking effect at the time of appearance on the Website. The change does not affect the price of already ordered products. The Client can find further information about shipping fees under the following link.

6.2. The Client cannot pick up products ordered on the website in person.

6.3. After checking whether the order can be delivered the Provider shall provide the opportunity to the Client to choose a shipping time, which does not indicate an exact time, but is an approximate shipping interval. The Provider cannot undertake shipping at an exact hour. The shipping deadlines under the Shipping link under the Services section of the Website only serve informational purposes, the actual shipping deadlines are indicated in each case within the order confirmation.

6.6. The Provider offers the Client the following payment methods in case of online shopping: credit card, paypal

6.7. Invoice: The Provider may send an invoice to the Client to confirm the payment after the submission of the order, which is shipped along the products. After accepting the T&C the Client consents to receiving an electronic invoice from the Provider. Cancelling this approval can be achieved by sending a clear statement of cancellation of approval to the Rapcity Hungary Kft. Customer Service. Electronic invoices are only sent to Clients who did not choose cash as their payment method. The electronic invoice contains the price the Client shall pay via an online payment method from among the available choices (UniCredit payment, credit card payment, etc.) of the Provider.

The invoice is included next to the ordered item in its box.


Information found in this point only applies to natural persons outside of their profession or business activities who purchase, order, receive, get, or use products, as well as the recipient of retail communications in connection with the product (hereinafter referred to as: “Consumer”).

The Consumer may, after establishing a sale contract terminate said contract without further notice within thirty (30) days of receipt by the Consumer or their third party other than the courier of

the product,
when providing several products the last provided product,
in the case of products consisting of several elements the last provided element or piece,
if the Product must be provided regularly within a given period, the day of the first provision.
The Consumer may exercise their rights of withdrawal between the contract coming into force and the takeover of the item as well.

The Consumer may not exercise their rights of withdrawal

in the case of used products if the consumer removed the label/seal and started using them.
in the case of non-preassembled products manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions or for their specific request, or in the case of products that had clearly been customized for the consumer.
in the case of products that cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons after being opened (boxer shorts, underwear, socks).

7.1.1. If the Consumer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal they can do so via a clear statement or with the help of the WITHDRAWAL STATEMENT template based on Annex 2 of Government decree 45/2014. (II. 26.). To ensure the brevity of the process You may inform the Provider through the website at Personal menu/Replacement/Withdrawal and quality complaints. The Consumer exercises their right of withdrawal within the deadline if they send their withdrawal statement to the Provider before the deadline expires.

7.1.2. It is on the Consumer to prove that they exercised their right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions found in point 7.

7.1.3. In both cases the Provider shall confirm the receipt of the withdrawal statement immediately via e-mail.

7.1.4. In the case of a written withdrawal, that has to be considered being within the deadline if the Consumer sends their statement within 30 days to the Provider.

7.1.5. Indications sent via post or telephone cannot be accepted by the Provider.

7.1.6. In the case of the Consumer’s withdrawal they shall return the ordered product reasonably without delay to the address below, but no later than within 14 days from submitting Your withdrawal statement. Postal address: Rapcity Hungary Kft 1073 Budapest, Kertész u 24-28. Hungary.

7.1.7. The deadline is respected if the Consumer sends the product within the 30-day deadline (sends it via post or the assigned courier service).

7.1.8. The fees of returning the product to the Provider shall be paid by the Consumer.

7.1.9. The Provider cannot receive c. o. d. packages. The Consumer is not subject to any other fees related to the withdrawal apart from the shipping cost of the product.

7.1.10. If the Consumer chooses to withdraw from the contract the Provider shall refund the price of the returned item immediately, but no later than 14 days within receiving the withdrawal statement from the Consumer. The shipping fee (You paid for shipping) cannot be reimbursed!

7.1.11. The Provider uses wire transfer as payment method for the refund; the Consumer is not subject to any additional costs related to the refund method.

7.1.12. The Consumer is only liable for the amortization of a certain product if it goes beyond what is absolutely necessary to check the characteristics and specifications of the product (this also includes damaged packaging).

7.1.13. If a Client wishes to exercise their right for withdrawal after performance of the service contract has already started, the Consumer shall cover the Provider’s costs within reason.

7.1.14. The Provider may request the refund of amortization costs due to use exceeding the amount necessary to determine the product’s characteristics, specifications and functions, as well as reasonable costs – if the fulfillment of the service contract was withdrawn in accordance with the specific requests of the Consumer within the deadline who exercised their right for withdrawal.

7.1.15. In the case of products that cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons after being opened (boxer shorts, undergear, socks).

7.1.16. In the case of withdrawal the Consumer shall return the shoes in their original, intact packaging to the Provider. Most of the shoes distributed by Rapcity are collectors’ pieces. Damaged, glued boxes mean they can only be resold at a discount. In such a case the consumer falls under a separate process. Please take this into account! Every shoe is shipped with a seal. The seal being intact is one of the conditions for a return.

8.1. Mandatory warranty

8.1.1. Regarding their products the Provider has a warranty obligation in accordance with Government decree 151/2003. (IX. 22.), meaning that within the timeframe of the warranty they can only be exempt from the responsibility if they manage to prove that the fault was caused by improper handling.

8.1.2. The timeframe of the warranty (warranty period) begins with the fulfillment, that is handing the product over to the Client, or if commissioning is done by the Provider or an assigned party, it begins with the date of commissioning. Consumer durables are products listed in the annex of Government decree 151/2003. (IX.22.) on mandatory warranty, for which the legislation defines a six-month mandatory warranty period.

The fault is not covered by warranty if its cause emerged after the handover of the product to the Client, i.e. if the fault was caused by improper use, non-compliance with the information found in the instruction manual, improper storage, improper management, abuse, elemental damage, or natural cataclysm.

If the fault happens within the framework of the warranty, the Client:

can primarily request repairs or a replacement as they see fit, except if the warranty request is impossible to fulfill, or if it would result in an unreasonable increase of expenses for the Provider compared to the other warranty method, taking the value of the mint product into account, the weight of the breach of contract and the damage of the Consumer’s interests caused by the fulfillment of the warranty request.
If the Provider does not undertake repairs or a replacement, cannot fulfill their obligations within the given deadline while keeping the Consumer’s interest in mind, or the Consumer has no further interest in the repair or replacement of the product, the Client may – depending on their choice – request the relative refund of the price, can repair or have the fault repaired at the cost of the Provider, or may withdraw from the contract. Withdrawal cannot be accepted due to insignificant faults.
Repairs or replacements shall be performed within a suitable deadline – taking product characteristics and the intended use into account –, keeping the Consumer’s interests unharmed. The Provider shall attempt to complete the repair or replacement within fifteen days.

The part of the repair time while the Client is unable to use the Product for its intended purpose does not count into the warranty period. The warranty period of the repaired product (or its parts) restarts after the repairs, just as it does in case of faults arising as a consequence of the repairs.

8.1.3. Costs arising from fulfilling warranty obligations shall be covered by the Provider.

8.1.4. The Provider is only exempt from their warranty payment obligation if they prove that the cause of the fault was created after fulfillment. 15-day testing

8.1.5. The Client, however, is not entitled to submit guarantee and warranty requests at the same time based on the same fault, nor shall they exercise guarantee and warranty requests at the same time parallel to each other. Apart from these limitations the Client is entitled to warranty rights regardless of the rights defined in points 9.1 and 9.2.

8.1.6. The Warranty does not cover the execution of rights based on legal regulations – especially those related to guarantees and compensation.

8.1.7. If the Parties have a legal dispute they cannot settle by amicable means they may initiate a process at the Conciliation Panel in accordance with point 12.2.

8.2. Voluntary warranty

8.2.1. The Provider issues a warranty (guarantee) for the products sold through the Website for a term indicated in the information page of the Product, which may be longer than the term listed in the Government decree. The Provider indicates the warranty period of products at the latest via information stated in the invoice. The Voluntary warranty described in this point applies exclusively to contracts between the Provider and consumers defined in the Civil Code.

9.1. Guarantee for accessories

9.1.1. The Client may validate guarantee requests toward the Provider in the case of faulty compliance by the Provider. In the case of a consumer contract the Client may seek remedy within 2 years after takeover for those faults in the product that were already present at the time of handing over the product. The Client shall not be able to validate their guarantee rights after the two-year term of limitation.

9.1.2. In the case of a contract created with a non-consumer they can exercise their guarantee request within the 1-year term of limitation.

9.1.3. The Client can request repairs or a replacement as they see fit, except if the warranty request is impossible to fulfill, or if it would result in an unreasonable increase of expenses for the Provider compared to the other warranty method. If the Customer did not or could not request the repair or replacement, they may request the shipping of a rational remuneration or the fault may be repaired by the Client at the expense of the Provider or have it repaired, or – ultimately – may withdraw from the contract. Withdrawal cannot be accepted due to insignificant faults.

9.1.4. The Client may switch from one of their warranty rights to another, they must however cover the fees of the switch, except in cases when it was justified, or the Provider gave reason for it.

9.1.5. The Client shall inform the Provider of the fault immediately after finding it, but no later than two months after finding it.

9.1.6. The Client can exercise their warranty requests directly toward the Provider.

9.1.7. Within six months of fulfilling the contract the only condition of seeking remedy is to list the issue if the Client can verify that they purchased the Product from the Provider (by presenting the invoice or a copy thereof). In such cases the Provider is only exempt from the guarantee if they prove this assumption wrong, or prove that the fault of the product was created after the product has been handed to the Client. If the Provider can prove that the fault arose due to actions of the Client, they are not obligated to give place to the guarantee request submitted by the Client. After six months following completion, however, the Client is the one who shall prove that the noticed fault had already been present at the time of completion.

9.1.8. If the Client seeks remedy for a detachable element of a product – regarding the listed fault – the guarantee claim does not apply for other parts of the Product.

9.2. Guarantee for Products

9.2.1. The consumer Client may, in the case of a fault in the product (goods), exercise their right to the guarantee for accessories or submit a claim for the guarantee of products.

9.2.2. The Client, however, is not entitled to submit accessory and product guarantee claims at the same time in a parallel manner. In the case of a successful Product guarantee claim, however, the Client may submit an accessory guarantee claim for the replaced product or repaired element.

9.2.3. As a Product guarantee claim the Client may only request the repair or replacement of the faulty product. The Client shall prove the fault of the product when submitting a product guarantee claim.

9.2.4. A Product can be deemed faulty if it does not comply with the quality standards of the time of distribution, or of it does not possess the characteristics defined by the manufacturer’s description.

9.2.5. The Client may submit a Product guarantee claim within two years after the manufacturer brought the product to the market. You lose this right with the passing of this deadline. The Client shall inform the manufacturer of the fault immediately. Faults indicated within two months of their discovery shall be considered disclosed without delay. The Consumer is responsible for all damages arising from the delay of disclosure.

9.2.6. The Client can submit product guarantee claims to the manufacturer or distributor of the goods.

9.2.7. According to the Civil Code the producer and distributor of the Product are considered manufacturers.

9.2.8. Manufacturers, distributors are only exempt from their product guarantee obligations if they can prove the following:

they did not manufacture or distribute the product within the framework of their business activities, or
the fault could not have been identified at the time of distribution with the current state of science and technology, or
the fault of the product is the result of adhering to binding legal prescriptions.
9.2.9. It is sufficient if the manufacturer, distributor proves even only one of those reasons.

10.1. Information found on the Website were added in good faith, they however only serve informational purposes, the Provider does not take responsibility for the accuracy and entirety of the information.

10.2. The Client shall use the Website at their own risk, and accept that the Provider does not take responsibility for financial or non-financial damages arising during use, apart from the responsibility for willful, grossly negligent breach of contract, breach caused via crimes, or endangering life, physical safety or health.

10.3. The Provider excludes all liability for the behavior of the Website’s visitors. The Client is fully and exclusively responsible for their own behavior; the Provider completely co-operated with authorities to investigate unlawful activities.

10.4. Sites of the service may contain links that lead to sites of other service providers. The Provider does not take responsibility for the data protection practices and other activities of these providers.

10.5. The Provider has the right, but not the obligation, to control content made public on the Website by the Clients; also, the Provider has the right, but not the obligation to search for signs of partaking in unlawful practices.

10.6. Due to the global nature of the Internet the Client accepts that they shall conduct their activities in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations while on the Website. If the state of the Client legally forbids any activity connected to the use of the Website, the responsibility of using the site falls solely on the Client.

10.7. If the Client notices objectionable content on the Website they shall immediately notify the Provider. If the Provider deems the notification valid, they are entitled to immediately delete or modify the information.

11.1. The Website is protected by copyright. The Provider holds the copyright or is the authorized user of all content displayed on the Website as well as during service provision through the Website: every published work or other intellectual property (including among others every illustration and other material, the layout and editing of the Website, the software and other solutions used, ideas, and execution).

11.2. Saving the contents or parts of the Website unto physical or other storage medium or printing are allowed for personal use or the prior written consent of the Provider. Apart from personal use all other cases – e.g. storing in a database, forwarding, publishing or making material downloadable – are only allowed with the prior written consent of the Provider.

11.3. Apart from rights specifically defined in the T&C neither the registration, use of the Website, nor any points in the T&C provide the right to the Client to use or profit from any of the commercial names or trademarks found on the Website. Apart from intended display on the Website surface and the necessary temporary multiplication and copies for personal use these intellectual properties may not be used or profited from in any other way without the prior written consent of the Provider.

12.1. Complaint management

The Client may send their consumer complaints regarding the product or the Provider’s conduct to the following contacts:

Client service (Customer service):

Postal address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 24-28.
Customer service availability via phone: CUSTOMER SERVICE
Phone: +36 1 443 3023
Contact person: Imola Sarány, customer service manager
The Client may send their consumer complaints regarding the product or the conduct to the contacts listed in point 12.1.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations the Provider shall immediately investigate the verbal complaint (in our shop) and tries to remedy it if the nature of the complaint makes it possible. If the Client does not agree with the remedy of the complaint or the immediate investigation of the complaint is not possible, the Provider shall create a record of the complaint and their position immediately, and send a copy of it

verbal complaints made in person are not possible
in the case of verbal complaints via phone the Provider sends the copy of the record along with the answer defined in the section describing written complaints, and subsequently conducts the operation as written in the section describing written complaints.
The Provider shall investigate written complaints within thirty days of their receipt and provide a meaningful answer, as well as make sure that the answer reaches the Client. If the complaint is rejected by the Provider, they shall provide the reasons for rejection within a meaningful answer.

The record of the complaint and a copy of the answer shall be kept by the Provider for five years.

The Provider receives Client’s complaints through the direct contact channels listed in point 12.1.

12.2. Other possibilities to enforce rights

If the consumer dispute between the Provider and the Client does not get settled during negotiations with the Provider, the Client may use one of the below possibilities to enforce their rights:

Creating an entry in the consumer complaints registry. The consumer complaints registry is available in every shop of the Provider. The Provider answers entries of the registry within 30 days in writing.
Filing a complaint at the consumer protection authority. If the Customer notices a violation of their consumer rights they may file a claim at the consumer protection authorities of their residence. After investigating the complaint the authority makes a decision concerning the conduct of the consumer protection procedure.
Conciliation panel. In order to settle consumer complaints regarding product quality, safety and the implementation of product responsibility, the creation and fulfillment of the contract by amicable means outside of court, the Client may initiate a procedure at the consumer protection authorities of their residence, or can contact the conciliation panel working alongside the responsible professional chamber of the Provider’s headquarters. In the framework of rules governing the Conciliation Panel civil society organizations, churches, apartment buildings, housing unions, micro, small and middle-sized businesses that purchase, order, receive, use goods, or are the recipients of retail communication and offers regarding the goods are considered consumers.
Contact information of the Budapest Conciliation Panel:

Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
Postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
E-mail address: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu
Central phone number: +36 1 488 2131
Fax: +36 1 488 2186

Based on the residence of the Client they may turn to the conciliation panels available through the links below to settle the consumer dispute. The Provider shall participate in the conciliation panel process. In accordance with this point sending a reply message is also considered participation.

In the case of an international consumer dispute the consumers can settle their international disputes related to online shopping by submitting a complaint in electronic form through the online platform available under the following link.

The consumer only has to register on the above mentioned online platform, fills in every required field of a request, then sends it to the Conciliation Panel through the platform. Consumers can thus simply enforce their rights despite the distance.

In Hungary the Budapest Conciliation Panel (Budapesti Békéltető Testület (BBT)) is authorized to settle international disputes between consumers and retailers related to online sales or service contracts.

Court proceedings. The Client may enforce their claim arising from the consumer dispute in the form of civil proceedings in accordance with the stipulations of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, as well as Act II of 1952 on Civil Proceedings.
13.1. The Rapcity.eu webshop is a system based on ASP.NET architecture, its use is safe and does not constitute a risk; we do, however, suggest that you take the following precautions: use virus and spyware removal software with recent databases and install any updates of your operating system. Purchases made on the Website assume that the Client is aware of the technical limitations of the Internet and the acceptance of the possibility of errors attributed to the technology.

13.2. The Provider only serves orders with common household amounts in their shop and webshop.

13.3. The Provider may unilaterally modify these T&C at any time. The Provider notifies the Client of the modification through the Website. After the changes the condition of using the Website is the specific acceptance of the terms by the Client on the Website through the provided means.


Budapest, 05.01.2020