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Customer Service

If you have any question please contact our customer service specialist weekdays 9.30-18.00 (GMT+1)



+36 1 44 330 26  

Which countries do you ship to and how much does shipping cost?

Austria - 2 days - 9
Romania - 2-3 days - 6
Slovakia - 2 days - 9
Croatia - 2-3 days - 9
Slovenia - 2 days - 9
Czech Republic - 3 days - 18
Germany - 3 days - 15
Poland - 3 days - 15
Bulgaria - 3-4 days - 9
Belgium - 4 days - 18
Luxemburg - 4 days - 18
Netherlands - 4 days - 18
Italy - 4 days - 18
France - 4 days - 22
Spain - 4 days - 22
Portugal - 5-6 days - 25


Which courier service do you use?

EXPRESS ONE belongs to the Austrian Post group

 How much time does shipping take?

Shipping takes 2-7 workdays. We display the respective shipping times for each of our products.

If I have any questions regarding an existing order, whom can I turn to?

Feel free to contact our customer service via any of the means listed below. To ensure the brevity of the process please note the serial number of your order displayed in the subject field of our verification e-mails as well as the mails themselves, and on the website after logging in under “Personal information/Orders”.

 Where should I send back the product?

Our address is as follows:

 Rapcity Hungary Kft.
Klauzál str 9.

Can I ask for a refund?

Of course. Send back the product intact in its original packaging along with any accessories, and indicate your request for a refund in the package. If you also add your IBAN number and SWIFT code we can ensure that the refund arrives as quickly as possible.

How can I send back the improper product? Who covers the cost of the return?

You can send the product back to us via post or a courier service. You will have to cover the cost of the return.

I’ve registered, but I can’t log in! Why?

A few minutes after your registration our system sends an e-mail to the provided address. You can find the necessary password within!

Since this is an automatic message some mailing programs might place it into your spam folder, so you may not even notice you’d received it.

Please check your spam folder first. If it can’t be found there either, you may have made a typo when providing your e-mail address preventing you from receiving our mail. Should you get stuck in the process and don’t know what the problem might be, feel free to contact our customer service.

Do you have a shop? Where can I find it?

Do you have a store? Where can i find it?

Kertész str 24-28. Budapest 1073 HUNGARY.

Opening Hours:

Monday:        11.00-19.00
Tuesday:        11.00-19.00
Wednesday:     11.00-19.00
Thursday:  11.00-19.00
Friday:      11.00-19.00
Saturday:   10.00-16.00
Sunday:  10.00-16.00